8 Responses to “The First Templar Review”

  1. TopGeek says:

    I’m not a big fans of games that prompt me if I want to jump, rather than just, you know, letting me hit a key to jump. The First Templar lacked basic principles of movement such as jumping.

  2. TopGeek says:

    I’m also not a big fan of video game review sites that reserve web pages for “upcoming reviews” when there’s no content on these automatically-generated pages.

  3. dazirius says:

    Why the disdain for WSAD? Can you detail the benefits of EDSF?
    Personally I’ve been using wsad since quake and haven’t thought of changing.
    I’d be interested to hear your view on this.

    • TopGeek says:

      EDSF gives you more freedom of movement. If you are left-strafing with WSAD, you have no ability to use Q or Z, Left-Shift, Tab, or #1, because your pinky finger is stuck on A. That’s a lot of mapped keys rendered useless in certain circumstances. Mapping them to first-finger keys, like R, T, G, V, B, just takes away the usefulness of their original purpose.

      Additionally, if you are right-strafing, you’ve lost the “normal” use of C (popular for “crouch”), and E (for whatever you map it for, as I use it for forward). Using your first finger for those keys is unnatural.

      I was a big keyboarder when Quake CTF came out, as I used keyboard completely for Doom and Blake Stone and Rise Of The Triads, and other early shooters…I can appreciate keys!

      • Kronox says:

        You are actually the first person I have ever heard of that uses ESDF. Not knocking your choice, but I have none of the problems you listed for controlling using WASD and have used WASD since 1995 starting with DOOM.

        W= forawrd..middle finger
        S= back…..middle finger
        D= right….pointer finger
        A= left…..ring finger
        f= activate/ interact/ open.pointer finger
        e= lean right/ or other ….pointer finger
        q= lean left/ or other …..ring finger
        c= inventory or other ……pointer finger
        space= jump………………. thumb
        alt= crouch………………thumb
        x= flashlight /other………middle finger
        z= binoculars/ other………ring finger
        shift= run…………………pinkie
        l/cntrl= voice coms ………..pinkie

        I keep my middle finger only on keys in line with it ie. 2edc and just go back and forth on w or s to move back and forward. My pinkie is NEVER used to strafe left my ring finger rests on A and does the left strafing and left leaning. My pointer finger always. rests on D and does the right strafing door opening right leaning and weapon switching. the pinkie never leaves the sprint or voice coms keys. Also have the crouch key set to l/alt as it makes complete sense to use your thumb to crouch as you also use your thumb to jump and the alt is right beside the space bar.
        I move in my games with the same skill that I touch type. Each finger is assigned its place and I use three fingers simultaneously for basic movement (middle, pointer, and ring). Toss in a logitech g700 gaming mouse that gives my right hand access to 9 other functions and 5 on the fly profiles and its a shooters heaven.

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